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Smart Drink Reminder Bottle
Brenda Revelle-Wilson
Really disappointed

I had high hopes for this bottle and it was good while it lasted. The quality isn't as good as I thought. The enamel easily chipped off even when I'm careful with the bottle. Now the cap has cracked and will eventually be unusable. On a previous bottle the cap smart function stopped working. I won't bother getting another one.

High Quality Smart Bottle

Recently purchased two copies of the smart bottle, one in black and another in white, to Use for hot and cold water respectively.

Very elegant design, ergonomic and easy to operate.
Both with and without the electronic components being used, functions work well as intended.

LED lights, charging and other touch features are colorful and easy to operate, very effeicent charge time and the battery has a generous lifespan.

Con-tatto Luxury Bottles

Love it!! Good quality and good size. Highly recommended!!

Smart Cup

It’s a real smart product, comes with a detailed manual, is easy to use, and the reminder is a cool feature!

Con-tatto Luxury Bottles
Rachel McCormick

Con-tatto Luxury Bottles

Love this smart bottle!!

I bought this bottle and discovered it works so much better than expected! It has such a neat, clean and durable design with an user-friendly interface. The bottle’s feel and grip is like a piece of solid advanced technology! It’s also very easy to charge: All I need to do is to place the charger on the top and it magnetically attaches! I highly recommend this special water bottle; it’s definitely something I’ll be using for a long time.

Amazing Water Bottle

I received this bottle as a gift and its intutitive design and high tech insluation makes it one of the best gifts I've received. It's a very unqiue bottle: I've never seen anything like it! The cap plays a cheerful alarm to remind me once in a while to drink water; a very useful feature to keep me hydrated. The insulation is very effective! It can keep the contents of the bottle cold or warm for hours on end, a remarkable feat indeed. This bottle's insulation also prevents any condensation from forming on the outside of the bottle which is also great to prevent it from slipping out of my hands. This bottle's sleek and elegant design makes it something I would highly recommend!


Love the functions and sleek look of the cooling cup! And it is easy to use.

Cool looking bottles!

What a stylish bottle! So happy with my new Moscow color bottle. It comes with 2 lids, one with a long handle and a sports spout. The finish is unlike a regular stainless steel bottle, this actually has a softer feel due to the rubber finish. I think I will get another color to go with my wardrobe! Came with a nice silicone sleeve in a gift box!

Fun bottle to use!

This is a fun and sleek bottle to use. I just brought it to my office and got a lot of compliments. This bottle is well-made, insulated, and sturdy. The LED top of the cap is colorful with a temperature display, and I can set up the timing to remind myself to drink water. I used to wait until I am really thirsty to get water, but this bottle has an alarm you can set up to say an hour to take a little sip even if I didn't think I was thirsty. It helps keep me hydrated all day long. Now I can somehow track my water intake throughout the day. Love my new bottle!